• Chad

    I used it for the first time this weekend at a tournament and it was great! Everyone commented on it including the other team’s fans, the umpire, and people just walking by. One parent thought it was a permanent scoreboard at the field. A single battery lasted the whole first day (3 games).

  • Chris

    Our boys absolutely love their board. I'm in trouble if I ever show up to the game without it!

  • Emily

    They are awesome!! The quality and how easy it is to setup and use far exceeded my expectation. Every team needs one of these!

  • Nathan

    Scoreboards are working great! Parents and kids all love them! Our umpires also appreciate being able to peek at the board when they forget to use their clicker!

  • Arnold

    This is easy to use and THE MOST legit scoreboard in the market! If you have a traveling team, often playing on fields without a working scoreboard, this will get it done. Be the hero and the envy of everyone with one of these!

  • Zach

    We used our board for the first time and the kids absolutely LOVED it!! The parents loved it! The other team loved it! Can't thank you guys enough for bringing the score back to the game 'for the kids'!! They absolutely should know the excitement & feeling when they cross home plate. [Mobile Score] brings the competition BACK into the ballgame that all of us got to experience as kids growing up!

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